Morgan Jones

Podcaster, founder of The Dire Wolf Wild Life Refuge, empath, art dealer chic, Grammar Actually Matters University graduate and aspiring Tony voter

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Resident DJ at The Dire Wolf Wild Life Refuge Center, tinkerer, and toddler momager. Consistently manipulating her family and peers with food, Afro is infatuated with babies, mamas, mama’s mamas, Lizzo, and outer space. On APHNN you can catch her playing the contrarian role to almost anything Castro believes with his whole heart.


Curly Castro

Former Brooklyn Griot, now illadelph Samurai.
Castro made his way to Philadelphia during one of the greatest eras of Poetry & Hip-Hop, we have collectively experienced. That wave of creative energy made him curse the Fates and enter into the world of eMCeeing. Curly Castro is a part of the Hip-Hop collective- The Wrecking Crew, and has been releasing records since 2004. Curly is the resident crooner of APHNN, and de facto musical director. So have those ears pricked for the latest Theme Song from your friendly neighborhood re.Bel!



Comic book collector, fantasy, horror and sci-fi film sponge to a fault. Full time DJ, part time TV dad joke cracker and celebrity chef (Kevin Durant & Yasiin Bey ate his bbq jerk chicken wings). Our hero can often be found confusing Bath and Body Works with Bed Bath and Beyond in name only. In between those moments he’s shopping for domains. You’re welcome.