Afro, Morgs and Ambush spend some time telling you just why this movie was everything they needed it to be. Castro begrudgingly joins us in spirit... via text message LOL
Morg is flanked by two beast coast knuckleheads Castro and Ambush as they relive the days in which they discovered the Wu as fans. We review the first half of the Wu-Tang non-mini series! We're here for as many seasons as it takes to get to "Wu-Tang is for the children!" -ODB
Sans Curly Castro we wrap our analysis of the second half of season 3 and discuss what we do and don't want in season 4. Is Hopper dead or in the upside down? Is Murray the American of which they speak in the bonus scene? And should we just keep expecting bonus scenes moving forward?
What's good ya'll?! We're now three seasons deep in Stranger Things and we've come to a couple of conclusions. Some of those conclusions may be due to some scar tissue leftover from what Benioff and Weiss thought was a good way to handle our lives. I digress, tune in as we review the first half of this latest season especially these bad ass, disrespectful kids!
It was a story we were all familiar with. Ava's reimagining of how these 5 boys were forever changed by the criminal justice system and the ripple effect of how that injustice negatively impacted not just their families and community but the lives of all people of color. This was a very hard piece of art to consume, but so very necessary to share our thoughts with you.
The team begrudgingly pulls it together to discuss the GOT documentary in an attempt to bring proper closure to the series. As a result Castro reaches a boiling point, exploding in a rant of raw criticism for what our beloved show has done to itself. It's an APHNN excellence.
It's the end, the Starks have prevailed in some of the most unexpected ways. The Mad Queen is no more and Tyrion for some odd reason is STILL alive!! A lot of different opinions from the crew regarding how they feel about this final episode and season and even a prediction. Join the conversation!
Dany has finally made it to Kings Landing and she decides to do some renovating before she settles in. John gets a rude awakening as to just what his auntie/girlfriend is capable of. And Tyrion is being his consistent season 8 self by making one bad decision after the next.
We say a solemn goodbye to the dead, then Dany starts flexing her muscle at the repass giving out promotions and what have you. John FINALLY tells his siblings that they're not siblings and Cersei and Euron... well they do the type of sh*t Cersei and Euron do!? Bul stays damp yo.
Talk about one of the biggest payoffs ever, the completion of a 22 film run! The Marvel cinematic universe has succeeded in giving us amazing closure and some truly tear jerking moments with it's latest installment Endgame. Our friend Michael joins us as we discuss our favorite moments, easter eggs, story arcs pulled from the comics and what the next phases of the MCU might look like.
The battle of all battles has finally taken place, and the Night King has been taken out by THE most capable person in all of Westeros! Yet some of our squad isn't quite satisfied with how it all played out. Was it everything you hoped for? Pull up a chair, lets discuss. And by discuss we mean listen to US discuss it and YOU comment or scream at your devices. Which ever you find most gratifying.
Tyrion gets played ALL CRAZY, Jaime is back and ready to play nice with e'erbody. Brienne gets knighted but not before Tormund takes his full court shot! Theon is back in the building just in time to defend his childhood home against a white walker wave that can only be viewed as the SECOND most villainous colonizing force in the history of ever!
FINAL SEASON!!! There's so much in this episode!! So many reunions, tons of shade and Little Lady Mormont is with the shits! Oh and Sansa is also with the shits. Oh and Daenerys is also with the shits. John? John just had the snow yanked out from underneath him.
The gangs all here to chop it up right before the final season airs. We discuss our favorite moments and how some of our favorite characters have developed over the years.
The crew is joined by Kan Jones and Nick Fave as we breakdown the film that has the U.s. in a headlock right now. Jordan Peele has done it again. We discuss the films characters, fan theories and the cultural impact of what a horror movie with a black family at the center of it. Come through!
In this episode Morgan and Ambush are joined by Michael Brumage, comic fan and action figure collector as we go over the MCU's latest offering Captain Marvel. Spoilers
M. Night closes out his superhero origin trilogy with Glass and left us with some unanswered questions. Fan theories are swirling all around the internet and everyone is curious as to what's next... in the meantime we're just gonna keep our eyes out for clover tattoos!
The ladies have left Ambush and Castro to their own devices and they decided to invite a friend over to do hoodrat stuff. We discuss the final seasons of Luke Cage and the Iron Fist in addition to making some predictions as to what this move might really be about. And oh yea our special guest is Ceaz!
Sam locks Gilly down with a leave behind. Theon is given the Sea Bitch after his christening to live his best soaking wet life. Shae is doing the absolute most per usual. Aaaaaaaand in another round of the battle of the sexes we debate men holding grudges. SMH LOL
After rewatching Justice League I felt like it was time to dig into the vaults and give you our Horrible Films episode!! In this installment we have Alex Jones from the Modernaire Max Podcast along with us as we take a crack at The Void, Jeepers Creepers 3 & Justice League. - Ambush
The gangs all in here as we discuss Sam proceeding to get his mack on, Cersei has completely lost control over Jeoffrey aaaaaaand the episode closes out with John getting his bell rang by Craster!
The entire team loved it! Check out our review of Deadpool 2 as we compare it to the first one, discuss easter eggs and the direction that we hope the franchise will take moving forward. Did you guys spot that Matt Damon cameo?
Afro and Castro lead the first part of our Atlanta Season 2 review! Discussing Earn's questionable ways, Tracy's wave game, Al's development into a full fledged artist and Darius' curiosity leading him into some full bullshit! And by some manner of providence our guest Reef the Lost Cauze manages to miss BOTH of Castro's performances of the new theme song. LOL
And right back in it like we never left!! Castro takes multiple shots at Beats headphones. Ambush and Alex take shots at DC Comics and Justice League. Morgan takes shots at the movie Footloose. Aaaaaaaand Zidonia shoots her shot at Thanos. We also do full character breakdowns and actually review the film complete with a rating. Join us #Afroisonhiatus
Afro is back and Castro is on hiatus as we jump into season 2! Tyrion returns to King's Landing with orders from his father to join the small council as the Hand of the King much to Cersei's dismay. Rob introduces Jamie to his direwolf and Stannis is... well he's Stannising in the war room. SMH
The gangs all here as we close out Season 1 of the epic rewatch. The sun sets on Khal Drogo but Daeny brings three little ones to life. The introduction of these dragons changes the entire landscape of Westeros. The return of these creatures means more magic, one less castle on the wall and eventually an extremely power Night King!
Feast thine ears on part two of our Black Panther review. in this episode we delve deeper into the plot and overall themes of the film. Oh and Castro has blessed us with a new Wakanda inspired theme song
The moment we'd been waiting for has come. What may end up being the highest grossing film in the MCU is truly a masterpiece. Black Panther fever has captured the world and here is the first part of our review. In this episode we focus on the characters introduced in the first expansive look into the country and culture of Wakanda. #WakandaForever
Our season 1 hate for Sansa is in full effect. Arya is now a boy and DAMNIT we lost Ned! Drogo isn't doing to well either. This is also the point that Cersi realizes that she has no idea what she's doing as a parent. Oh... and Castro falls asleep on the call.
We bring our analysis of Black Mirror Season 4 to a close, with a review of the last three episodes. Hang The DJ, Metalhead and Black Museum. Check us out on Instagram (@podcasthasnoname) where we list the whole season from greatest to most hated episode. LOL
The team breaks down Netflix's first attempt at a full feature blockbuster presentation. This is also the first time we put our rating system to the test, the results are pretty hilarious. One of us is looking forward to the sequel, I'll just leave it at that. LOL
What's not to love about Black Mirror?! In this first recap we cover the first three episodes USS Callister, Arkangel and Crocodile or Watch Out for the Quiet Ones, Bad Parenting and White Privilege. These are the real names of the episodes. #itisknown
Afro and Morgan breakdown Jay Z's Family Feud video. Directed by Ava DuVernay and featuring a diverse collection of hollywood's elite, the ladies discuss the impact and significance of the multicultural representation and afrofuturism presented in the piece.
Curly Castro enlists Zilla Rocca to recap the third season of USA's "Mr. Robot". Discussing plot, character development and a bunch of other stuff that you shouldn't be listening to IF you're not caught all the way up. So there's your spoiler alert. However I gotta admit as someone who has seen zero episodes of this show, this makes me want to watch. -Am S/o to Ethonggg on the HalfCrazy Remix
Arya gets her first kill. Long live Serio!! Jon takes out his first white walker while the Dothraki get their pillage on. Drogo gets infected after ripping out an esophagus and Hodor flashes Osha and Bran by the werewood tree.
Tywin rubs elk's blood into Jamie's face like lotion. In an attempt to hasten his death Ned tells Cersei that he's on to her. Littlefinger gives us the seed of his creepy motivations and King Robert is no more. We're leaving out a ton of stuff. This episode is chocked full of action!!
One of the earliest most satisfying deaths in the series! Viserys gets his crown! While Jeoffrey lays down some serious game on Sansa, Tyrion escapes his captors with a brand new friend in Bron. Ned begins to take this whole hand of the king thing a little to seriously, and picks a fight with the Lannisters abroad forgetting about the treacherous ones right there in Kings Landing.
Straight from the editing room floor this is one of our many side conversations. This time around Castro uses the F word, that is "Female" and the lesson begins!
We continue following the "Cat's Rebellion" crew as they make it to Catelyn's crazy sister and deranged nephew. Theon loses his main jawn and Sir Gregor's horse loses his head. Speaking of head Loras inspires Renly to think a little bigger.
Bran gets his first vision and we're introduced to Hodor. Tyrion plants what may be the seeds to Theon's treachery and Dany puts the smack down on her big bro then is filled with regret.
Ned arrives at King's Landing just in time to choke the crap out of Littlefinger! Arya begins her murder list and Sansa pouts and pouts. And after she's finished pouting she finds a way to sneak in a little more pouting.
Jorah begins to unload his things in the friendzone. Sansa reminds us why we hated her guts soooooo much. And Jon begins his journey of knowing nothing. Also Afro is back! #RIPLADY
The first episode in our mission to rewatch the entire series while bringing you insight from a much more informed point of view. Basically there's gonna be spoilers. Also it's #BenjenHistoryMonth
We recount all of the deaths of this season and are joined by guests to discuss highlights. We also spend a little time delving into some season 8 theories as we prepare to rewatch the entire series! Special thanks to our guests Rah Sungee, Jordan Guerra and Alex Jones. Not THAT Alex Jones.
The season has ended... we are beside ourselves, but we're handling it well. Littlefinger is outro!! Dany gets real pregnant, while Cersei is still faking that she's pregnant. Also Euron is perpetually wet.
The end of the season approacheth! The white walkers are nearly at the wall, Sansa and Arya are going through the motions and the Night King does something we've all seen coming but dreaded. Also... "We lost one of our GREATEST heroes!! RIP Benjen" - Ambush
We've lost Dickon. Gendry is back. Fermented shellfish is Westeros' Viagra. And a pretty hairbrained scheme was just hatched.
The loot train battle was magnificent!!!!!
We've been discussing GOT for several seasons now. Our scheduled bicoastal Monday morning calls always contained hours of insight, laughs and conspiracies about the world George R.R. Martin has created. Now we're in the seventh season and things are turning up! Join us as we discuss Season 7 Episode 3 "The Queen's Justice".